Chestfield Cars

TERMS & CONDITIONS Chestfield Cars Ltd.

Chestfield Cars Ltd is a booking service for a panel of specially selected independent drivers all of whom are self employed and own their own vehicles.  Customers can request a particular driver and, wherever possible, that driver will be allocated to the customer.

Payment should normally be made direct to the driver during the journey and, where a return journey has been booked, payment for the return is also required on the first journey.  In exceptional circumstances payment may be requested in advance of pick up and when this is the case the payment can be made direct to Chestfield Cars Ltd who will pass the fare onto the driver.

Fares quoted include:

  • Any drop of fees that are levied by the airports or sea ports
  • 30 minutes parking costs in the short stay car parks where the driver meets you inside the terminal
  • Any pick up fees that are levied by the airports or sea ports where the driver drives in to meet you in a designated pick up zone

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that the booking details are correctly stated on the confirmation email as this forms the basis of the contract between the driver and the passenger.

For outbound journeys, Chestfield Cars Ltd will recommend a suitable pick up time based on the information provided, but the final decision of time allowed to travel to the airport is the responsibility of the hirer.

Our drivers aim to meet you 45 minutes after landing time at the Airport, at designated meeting points, if you only have hand luggage or are traveling business class, please inform the office so that we can let the driver know and adjust the meeting time.

If your flight is delayed we may have to ask you to wait for a driver to become free if the driver originally allocated has had to move on the their next job.

Should there be a need to change a booking then it is the passenger’s responsibility to advise Chestfield Cars Ltd as soon a possible.  Chestfield Cars Ltd will do what it can to accommodate the change in the light of other commitments but reserves the right to cancel that part of the booking. If a driver has been despatched without the change being notified, then payment will be required for another car.

Chestfield Cars Ltd shall not be responsible for failure to perform a contract for any reason outside its control. There is no guarantee that the vehicle will complete the journey at any given time and Chestfield Cars Ltd shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, which may arise, from any delay, traffic congestion, road accident or breakdown, weather conditions etc.

Chestfield Cars Ltd shall not be held responsible for lost property or for repatriating a passenger with their lost property. Any lost property found will be held at the office for collection.

Chestfield Cars Ltd reserve the right to substitute other operators’ vehicles to perform a journey should the need arise.

Luggage room is limited on all vehicles. The maximum size of luggage that can be carried per person is one suitcase with a maximum dimension of 32 Inches tall by 22 inches wide per passenger plus 1 piece of hand luggage up to a maximum of four suitcases and 4 pieces of hand luggage per vehicle.  Luggage in excess of this may be carried at the driver’s discretion provided that the Company is notified of the excess in advance and can discuss this with the driver to obtain their agreement.

Cancellations made by the Chestfield Cars Ltd will result in a full refund of all monies paid for the journey(s) cancelled.

Chestfield Cars Ltd reserve the right to refuse anyone that it deems to be a nuisance or danger to its employees or passengers and in extreme cases of nuisance the company may ask the Police to assist in requiring you to alight and may even prosecute such offenders. No compensation or refund will be made to such offenders.